Netgear N150 WNR1000V3 Router Configuration of SSID, WPS

By | March 17, 2018

Be ready for WPS configuration for Netgear N150 WNR1000v3 router. You must know Netgear Router Setup can be happened using SSID Setup, WPS or Wi-Fi protected setup. Here we go for the WPS configuration following the different method.

Netgear N150 WNR1000V3 Setup WPS SSID

Netgear N150 WNR1000V3 – The First Method for WPS Configuration

If you have already done the SSID and security options, you don’t need to follow the first method of WPS configuration that is already done with Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 router. If you have not did so then follow these tips to add the wireless device into home networks without any problems.

  • Look at the WPS button placed at Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 router, press this button, it will transmit the Wi-Fi signals.
  • Now find the WPS button placed on the wireless device which you need to add to your network.

When both will be connected, the LED placed on Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 Router will blink instantly. Keep one thing in your mind if the configuration is done accurately, the WPS LED will become strong green.

Netgear N150 WNR1000V3 – The Second Method of WPS Configuration with SSID Setup

  • Access Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 admin page.
  • Confirm the login information:

Username: admin

Password: admin

These are by default, if you have changed the username and Netgear Password, make sure to fill the accurate info. If you have forgotten the login details then reset to the default factory setting to start with default username and password. Now follow the below options:

  • Wireless Setting > go to SSID name
  • Select the region for Netgear n150 wnr1000v3 Router
  • Click on save option to save the changes
  • WPS configuration is done.

Apparently, it is easier way, anyone can follow the above mentioned instructions sequence-wise for WPS configuration.  Make sure to have good speed of internet when doing this process.

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